Blackjack Beginners Playing Skills, see how the blackjack odds are calculated?

Blackjack Beginners Playing Skills, see how the blackjack odds are calculated?

About blackjack, the most classic game of the casino, and the most popular online casino game, but there are still many people who don’t know about his gameplay, odds and skills. Here will provide you with the top online game platform, the most professional Analysis of the game skills, BlackJack easily competes with the dealer at 21 points, and you can get the bonus with confidence.

How to play the blackjack game?

Casino classic game blackjack is a very popular poker game, and blackjack, as the name suggests, means that the cards held in the game cannot exceed 21 points, 10, J, Q, K points are regarded as 10 points, Ace (A ) can be regarded as 1 point or 11 points, and 2 to 9 are the original face value points. At the beginning, each player is dealt two cards, and the player can see one of the dealer’s cards, and then can decide whether to draw a card or not based on his own card points and the dealer’s revealed card. Card value in order to get closer to 21 points, but not more than 21 points. The higher the number of points and the less than 21 points is the winner. Also, “Black Jack” (the first two cards worth 21) is higher than a hand with a total of 21.

Blackjack Game Rules

First of all, a brief introduction to the rules of the blackjack game: in the casino, the blackjack game usually uses 8 decks of playing cards, a total of 416 cards (excluding the big and small kings), and the dealer bet against each player separately. At the beginning of the game, the dealer and each player have two cards in their hands. The two players are all open cards, and the dealer has one bright and one dark. At this point, the decision is made from the first player, whether to continue to hit (Hit) or to stop (Stop). The player’s goal is to make the cards in their hand add up to the points in the dealer’s hand.
The rules for calculating points are as follows: 2-9 represent their respective numbers, 10-K represents 10, and A represents 1 or 11, which is up to the player to decide. In the process of asking for cards, players can choose Double (only one more card can be added, and the bet is doubled) or Split (when the player’s starting hand is two identical cards, they can be split into two groups to bet, which is equivalent to one person. two games at the same time).

Calculation of blackjack odds?

The odds of blackjack are different from other games because the outcome of each round of a blackjack game is related to the previous round. This is very different from roulette; in roulette, the odds are the same for each round. Blackjack cards are taken away after each round, and the composition of the group of cards changes accordingly, and the odds of winning change accordingly.

Three Strategy Skills of Blackjack Game

Blackjack game strategy is nothing more than to kill the dealer to defeat the dealer in the casino and win more money smoothly. How to beat the dealer? Effective strategies are extremely important. Knowing how to use effective blackjack skills and strategies is to increase the probability of winning money. Today I will introduce the three most useful strategies for the blackjack game.

●Master the timing of double betting

Under normal circumstances, most players are familiar with the use of this double bet. Generally, when the two cards are at 10 or 11, it is more appropriate to use double. Because of the double speed limit, we can only ask for one card. Of course, we want a card that has the highest probability. At this time, we should use the 4/13 probability problem. We need to represent a 10-point card. This probability It is relatively large, so we will have more chances of winning. If the player is new to the game of blackjack, it is best to first understand some basic strategies of the game, the most important of which is the timing of winning, standing, splitting and doubling betting while considering capital.

● Know how to seize the opportunity to split

In the blackjack game, if two cards are of the same rank, players can split the cards. When getting the points mentioned above, it is best not to split the cards, because that would turn a difficult problem into two difficult problems. In general, the best split hand shape is AA. Because the probability of getting 21 points after this split is two 4/13, because among all the cards, there are 4 cards representing 10 points, 10, J, Q, K. It’s odds are at best 4x. Even if it gets 5 dragons, its maximum odds of winning are only 3 times. And this probability is much smaller than the probability of getting a blackjack. Of course, many cases can also be treated in special circumstances.

●Effective use of blindfolding

I believe that many people have heard of this method. The blindfolding method is the practice of blinding others from seeing. In fact, it can be regarded as a cheating method. When it is 10 points, if the hole card is 3~7 points, it is generally very uncomfortable to get this kind of point. If you want a card, there is a half chance of being violent, because the player’s domestic violence point is 100% lost. The cards may also be lost. At this time, if the player observes that the other players have higher points and no cards, then we can also follow the situation. In this way, it will put a lot of pressure on the banker, thinking that each player’s card is a relatively large point. At this time, if the banker also holds an embarrassing point, this situation will only force the banker to ask for a card. , it is obvious that the trick we use is to transfer the risk to the dealer.

The strategies involved in the blackjack game are basic common sense and some knowledge of probability; if the player’s card is between 5-16 points, he should continue to take the card; if it is 17-21 point, he should suspend the card . However, the game gets a little more complicated when you consider splits and double-raises. If you have two cards of the same size, splitting is also a good option, but also consider to the dealer’s hand.

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