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Sabong is a form of cockfighting in the Philippines. It involves two roosters/cocks fighting each other until one of them gives up. Many people are attracted by this fierce game and perform sabong betting through social websites or the internet.

What is Sabong?

Cockfighting is a game where two roosters contend each other while bettors place money on the winner. It’s been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but Filipinos have made it into something truly special. Today we’re going to introduce you to Philippines Sabong. But before we do that, let’s learn about cockfighting in general and how it relates to gambling

Sabong is a variation of cockfighting that is similar to how it looks and how it were organized. The main difference is that sabong will have a sharp blade tied to the cock’s leg before the fight starts. This makes the two cocks won’t fight for over five minutes. Another key is that one of the is unable to continue fighting. This aggressive combination also attracts many gamblers who are looking for excitement and fun.

Not sure where to start with sabong? We have the tips you need to get started. Learn about how the game is played and how you can play sabong online or offline. Read on!

How To Play Sabong Online

Winning sabong matches can be very profitable compared to its minimal cost. But before you decide to join this exciting game, here are some things that you need to know first.

  • At the beginning of the game, two roosters are assigned to two camps, either “meron” (betting on the rooster) or “wala” (betting on the losing side)
  • Once both players have placed their bets, the two roosters are released and start fighting.
  • There will be a judge to decide the winner and once the winning male is announced, we have a winner!
  • Sometimes a draw is declared (neither cock can fight anymore)

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